Fixed Competitive Price Tea Powder Bag Packing Machines - Juice Pasteurizer – Smile

Materials: stainless steel 304 or 316

Finish: Mirror or Matt Polosh : Ra<0.4um

Certification CE, ISO

Used as mixing tank, blending tank etc;

Ideal in fields such as foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmacy, chemical industry and biological engineering etc;

Technical parameters

Work volume Dimension of tank Total height Insulated layer Diameter of inlet&outlet
500L 840*1000MM 2300MM 60MM 38MM
600L 920*1000MM 2400MM 60MM 38MM
700L 990*1000MM 2400MM 60MM 38MM
800L 950*1220MM 2550MM 60MM 38MM
900L 1010*1220MM 2700MM 60MM 38MM
1000L 1060*1220MM 2700MM 60MM 51MM
2000L 1340*1500MM 2750MM 60MM 51MM
3000L 1410*2000MM 3500MM 60MM 51MM
5000L 1910*2000MM 3850MM 60MM 51MM
10000L 2300*2440MM 4500MM 60MM 51MM
15000L 2530*3000MM 5200MM 60MM 51MM
20000L 2640*3660MM 5800MM 60MM 51MM