PriceList for Packing Machine For Food - Vertical Filling Machine – Smile

1. Adopt screw measuring machine to complete measurement, filling, nitrogen filling, etc., suitable for measuring powdery materials;

2. Servo drive system is adopted, with high precision and stable performance;

3. stainless steel open-type bins easy to clean;

4. equipped with installation protection, in line with corporate security management requirements;

5. the use of intelligent temperature control, temperature control and control to ensure that the beautiful sealing sealing;

6. The large display touch screen constitutes the drive control core, which maximizes the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the complete machine;

7. the machine and the measurement configuration can automatically complete the measurement, feeding, filling bag, inflate (exhaust), date printing all the packaging process, and automatically complete the count;

8. Variety of packaging styles, back and three side seals can be used to switch, with bags, punching and so on.


Milk powder, rice flour, milk tea powder, starch, protein powder, coffee powder, seasonings and other powdered materials are automatically metered and packaged.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters

​Item NO.

Indicators and instructions

Model NO.


Measurement range

3-350g(can be customized)

Measurement accuracy

1%-5%g(according to the material)

Packing speed


Packing material

PE composite film and other materials suitable for heat sealing performance

Measurement method

Spiral metering

Roll width


Roll outer diameter


Roll inner diameter


Bag size

Width at least 15mm

Air pressure

≥0.6Mpa(Guaranteed gas supply by custom-made)

Control person



about 1.8Kw(220V)


About  L 1200×W 800×H 1850(mm)


About 350Kg