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main feature:

1. The granular material metering and packaging system has a horizontal type of bag packaging machine and a multi-head combination. a Z-type material hoist. and an electronic scale working platform.

2. It is convenient and simple to put the bag in the bag slot. and is equipped with an automatic pressure bag device;

3. Configure the imported pressure sensing device to achieve the effect of not cutting and unsealing. saving the packaging bag;

4. can be cut twice to make the packaging faster. more accurate weight. using high-quality accessories to keep the machine lasting and stable;

5. using color touch display. simple operation. multi-functional design;

6. The machine adopts the appearance of stainless 304L. and the carbon steel frame part and some parts are made of acid-resistant. salt-resistant and anti-corrosion treatment layer.

7. Material selection requirements: Most of the parts are molded by moulding. The main materials are 304 stainless steel and alumina.

8. optional with a variety of coding. coding. exhaust. punching. vacuum (dust removal) system;

Scope of application:

This machine is suitable for all kinds of fine powder and fine particle products. such as coffee powder. milk powder. powder. food additives. seasoning. tapioca powder. cocoa powder tank. pesticide powder. powder. etc.

Local technical parameters:

Packing speed: 5-50bags/min

Total power: 4.5KW

Packing size: 110-250mm/110-230mm (L*W)

Power supply: 380V

Machine weight: 1500KG

Packing capacity: 10g-2kg

Air consumption: 0.7m3/min

Bag type: self-standing bags. four-side sealing bags. zipper bags. handbags. paper bags. etc.

Features: 1. bag structure 2. bag feeding device 3. automatic bagging device. 4. robotic bag 5. vacuum bagging 6. filling materials 7. shaping 8. sealing 9. finished product delivery.

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